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Shelf Storage Smart™

Shelf Storage Smart™

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Keep your bathroom organized and have everything within reach!

Not just the bathroom, but also the kitchen!

Have you ever noticed that the bathroom is where you do your morning and evening routines? So it's only fair that it should be one of the most organized spaces in your home.

But whether your bathroom is just a shower stall or a mini vanity, you need to ensure it looks good, organized, beautiful, and relaxing to the eyes.

And if you have kids, you're probably already tired of seeing them rinse out their shampoos, soaps, and sometimes even your expensive skincare products.

The solution: The TES™ Premium Shelf Storage Smart™ combines functionality and design, freeing your bathroom or kitchen from any kind of clutter. Simply rotate it, and you'll have your favorite items, soap, and everything you need within reach. Thanks to the 360° design, you now have everything at hand.

It's time to make your bathroom and kitchen more useful and beautiful this new year because with our Rotating Shelf, this will change forever.


Two-tier Storage: You can create a sense of spaciousness even in the smallest bathroom or kitchen thanks to its two-tier storage capacity. If you need lipsticks, nail polish, and other small items, place them on the second level (top). Need shampoos, lotions, creams, or other skincare products? Place them on the first level (middle) and soap at the bottom.

A Multifunctional Piece with Endless Possibilities: Besides using it in the bathroom, the best part is using it in your kitchen where you wash dishes and utensils. Thanks to its 360° rotation, you can place it near the sink and have everything within reach (plates, bowls, ketchup, jam, glasses, everything).

► Make the Most of Your Empty Spaces: Don't waste those beautiful spaces. You can quickly reduce clutter and make corners more functional and attractive than ever. Smart Shelf™ is designed in a tripod-shaped sector, perfect for bathrooms and kitchen spaces.

► Waterproof and Durable: You don't have to worry about water and mist damaging your valuables because Smart Shelf™ is waterproof and will last for many years thanks to its sturdy, eco-friendly ABS plastic.

Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic

El paquete incluye:
1 Estante Smart™ - Premium Waterproof

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