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Monster Tape Waterproof

Monster Tape Waterproof

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Monster Tape Waterproof

"Monster Tape Waterproof" is perfect for all kinds of functions and utilities! Stop wasting time drilling holes in walls to hang hooks; use Monster Tape for quicker and cleaner service.

Monster Tape is an effective way to stick something with an extremely strong adhesive, avoiding the need to hammer nails into the wall to secure an object.

It is a double-sided adhesive tape with strong bonding power. You can use it to hang objects on walls, seal hard-to-reach places including bathrooms, sinks, and much more.

Monster Tape is waterproof, reusable, and you won't have issues with the adhesive losing its grip like with ordinary tapes.

Other benefits include: no more walls full of holes, easy to stick and handle, reusable, and it saves you from spending on other tapes.
You can stick it on: ceramic, tile, glass, metal, granite, marble, wood, plastic, brick, etc.

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